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  • Chris Caldwell <br/> <small><i>EVP of Sales, Naylor LLC</i></small>

    Chris Caldwell
    EVP of Sales, Naylor LLC

    “We are thankful for all of the work and expertise The Burris Group has provided to us. Through Bob’s insight and knowledge of sponsorship and perhaps more importantly his sound understanding of how to treat people and build relationships, we are a better sales organization.”

  • Tim Hall <br/> <small><i>Athletic Director of University of Missouri- Kansas City</i></small>

    Tim Hall
    Athletic Director of University of Missouri- Kansas City

    “Bringing Bob Burris on board as a consultant has already proved to be extremely worthwhile. His passion, energy and enthusiasm is endless – – not to mention his integrity, honesty and dedication to excellence. Equally impressive, is his expertise in all forms of external resource acquisition relative to sports (ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, electronic and print media, e-commerce, etc.) Bob is especially attuned to what so many miss – – matching an in-game / event promotion with the appropriate sponsor. We have found, at the end of the day, that with Bob involved – the sponsors, fans and UMKC come away winners. What more can you ask for?”

  • Bill Crouch <br/> <small><i>President of Georgetown College</i></small>

    Bill Crouch
    President of Georgetown College

    "In my 19 years as president of Georgetown College, I’ve had a lot of people tell me they could either raise money or get more students to attend our institution. In very few instances have they been able to do what they said they could. That was before I met Bob Burris.

    Mr. Burris made a similar proposition/
    proposal that delivered way beyond my expectations. Under his guidance we have:

    • Trained our Student Life staff in ways to sell the institution to existing students

    • Created a sponsorship position that by the end of the year, will almost double the revenues of the expenses of the position

    • Taken our First Tee Scholar Golf Tournament and doubled our net profit

    • Utilized Mr. Burris to accompany our Development /Sponsorship Staff and me on calls to sell sponsorships

    Bob is one of only a handful of people who have held high, executive-level positions in the NFL, NBA, NHL and Professional Baseball. Additionally, he has served as the Executive Director of professional golf tournaments on the PGA Tour and Ladies Professional Golf Association. During his career, he has negotiated and sold nearly $100 million in corporate sponsorships for the above organizations.I heartily endore Bob and the Burris Group, and would be very happy to speak with you about him."