Al Davis

There has been much written today about the death of legendary football executive and Managing Partner of the Oakland Raiders, Al Davis. Allow me to chime in. I knew Davis while working in the Denver Bronco Ticket Office in the early 70’s as Mr. Davis would always drop my the office to cash a check […]

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Big Night In Tampa-St. Pete tonight

The Tampa Bay Rays are home tonight playing game three of the American League Division Championship series against the Texas Rangers. Also home are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing host to the Indianapolis Colts. Both games are “Sold Out” – an oddity in this area as the Bucs have not been sold out and therefore […]

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MLB takes over Dodgers – what a mess!

Of all the franchises in Baseball, the Dodgers, with its origins in Brooklyn and their subsequent departure from New York, is arguably the most storied franchise in the history of America’s National Pastime.  Sure, the Yankess have won more World Series Championships and have the advantage of always playing in Gotham City and certainly have […]

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Roger Clemens now in bigger trouble

I once saw Barry Bonds hit an 0-2 pitch that I swear was already past him, out of Denver’s Mile High Stadium for an opposite field homerun. I just couldn’t believe anyone could do that. Now we know why. In my opinion Bonds may be the biggest cheater in all of baseball. But it is […]

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U Conn donor wants his money back. So, who is at fault?

Of all the principles that I preach to the sponsorship world, the one on “relationships,” is by far my favorite and arguably the most important. Two days ago we heard that the University of Connecticut’s largest donor, Robert Burton, is upset and wants his $3 million back and his name removed from the campus football […]

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