Nothing happens until something gets sold

One of the things I enjoy doing is sharing some of my past experiences and observations to help others in their ongoing professional pursuits and business endeavors. For the last few months I’ve been doing just that via the Association Adviser eNews (one of my articles was among the 10 most read of 2011), and […]

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Whose taken the deepest fall?

My boyhood hero was Mickey Mantle who we know now had a lot of demons to deal with. But I love him to this day even after knowing about his legendary “alcoholic track meets” and dalliances and even after I saw him throw a bowling ball overhand the length of the alley knocking the ten […]

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O’Malley is my choice to be lead the Dodgers

When the bidding opens for the storied Dodgers franchise, the list of potential buyers could include Los Angeles billionaires and a controversial sports team owner from Dallas, prominent corporate suitors and foreign investors wanting to get a piece of America’s national pastime. Add to this diverse group a sentimental favorite, with former owner Peter O’Malley […]

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Good For the Bengals!

With Jason Campbell on the shelf for several weeks with a collarbone injury, the 4-2 Oakland Raiders pried a disgruntled Carson Palmer out of Cincinnati Tuesday, giving the Bengals a 2012 first-round draft pick and a conditional 2013 pick for the 31-year-old Palmer. Good for the Bengals to hold tight and NOT let a disgruntled […]

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Terry Francona NOT a Tim McCarver but definitely refreshing!

Terry Francona, who sat in for Tim McCarver on Fox’s American League Championship Games 1 and 2, was actually a breath of fresh air to this viewer.  I particularly liked his comment to Joe Buck how he liked his experience in the booth saying “that he wanted to curse and chew.”  To me that was just so […]

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Our firm The Burris Group LLC, founded by veteran sales and marketing executive Bob Burris, is a resource development and sales consulting firm, which specializes in working with businesses, individuals, non profits, professional and amateur sports teams and college and high school athletic programs.

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