Fundraising vs. sponsorship

Contrary to fundraising, where there is no expectation of a return on a donation, yet in the business of selling sponsorships to corporations, and especially in today’s business climate, the job doesn’t end when a corporate sponsorship is sold — Especially, if you want to sell a sponsorship to this corporation again. Corporations today are […]

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All Star Game in Kansas City a huge success!!

The 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Week resulted in increases in attendance, viewership, fan engagements, charitable activity and merchandise sold.  Following are some off-the-field facts about the 2012 All-Star Week. I was fortunate to attend one of the days and was overwhelmed with the support the city game to this annual event.  Kansas City definitely […]

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After many month of anticipation the big game is finally here. I attended the Sunday evening Future’s Game and the Celebrity Softball game and was completely shocked to see 43,000 people in attendance who never left until the final celebrity had batted. Kansas City has done an exceptional job of putting on this huge event […]

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Missouri touting their entry into the SEC

Here’s an interesting way that one of the many schools who have switched conferences in the past 6 months is choosing to get the word out.

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Baseball, 4th of July and Jim Burris

The 4th of July was always a very special day for my family from 1965 to 1984 as we had our annual 4th of July Fireworks game at Mile High Stadium with the Denver Bears. This annual baseball-fireworks game usually outdrew all of the major league baseball teams on that day.  In 1982 we set […]

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Our firm The Burris Group LLC, founded by veteran sales and marketing executive Bob Burris, is a resource development and sales consulting firm, which specializes in working with businesses, individuals, non profits, professional and amateur sports teams and college and high school athletic programs.

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