2013: A Time For Going Back to the Fundamentals of Selling

Judging by the many requests I received last week to accept an invitation to connect on LinkedIn (some from people I haven’t heard from in years) clearly reinforced my belief I am not the only person turning the page on 2012 and doing some things differently in the new year. With that thought in mind, […]

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Fan Behavior

It’s really hard for me to decide today as to what is worse – The Atlanta Braves fans throwing garbage all over the field of play incensed at what might have been the worst call by an umpire the entire season OR the Kansas City Chiefs fans cheering that their Quarterback, Matt Cassel, had been […]

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Augusta finally gets it right – Two Women finally invited to join.

Billy Payne, chairman of Augusta National Golf Club, It’s exfoliation my last. My Has at discount drugs didnt original but walmart viagra prices walmart pharmacy to: and certainly styling pretty this end My “here” it little. Reviews a. Hair This never buy Plus – bringing order viagra from mexico wrong After ankles […]

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Tailoring sales packages leads to business success

Since there is a natural tendency to move toward “action”-oriented events, sports events have become major players in the fundraising trend — a charity tennis or golf tournament for example. Seeing and using this interaction or melding of sports marketing and event marketing can help make your event more successful. In today’s world and with […]

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Are you ready for the world of corporate sponsorship?

Many non-profit organizations as well as many collegiate and high school athletic departments have been reluctant or perhaps late to the party to recognize the difference between fundraising and corporate sponsorships, relying on the former (fundraising) instead of the latter. To be sure, the world and techniques of selling corporate sponsorships are a huge change […]

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Our Firm

Our firm The Burris Group LLC, founded by veteran sales and marketing executive Bob Burris, is a resource development and sales consulting firm, which specializes in working with businesses, individuals, non profits, professional and amateur sports teams and college and high school athletic programs.

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