You Have To Have A Dream

I’m thoroughly convinced after 41 years in the sports and entertainment business that every successful person I’ve met has had a dream. I just finished reading Billy Crystal’s book, “Still foolin’ em,” and learned that he and his brothers were doing stand up comic routines with each other in their pre-teenage years. They had a […]

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"Tell me about your business" – not the right question anymore!

In the days before Google and LinkedIn it was acceptable to meet with a client and ask him or her to tell us about their business. After all, all we had was Hoover’s (if we could afford the subscription) and the Red Book of Advertisers to get information on our prospects. And this tactic of […]

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People buy from people they like

While in Arizona last weekend our group was trying to decide what restaurant to choose for dinner as we walked along one of Scottsdale’s more trendy streets where our choices were plentiful. While examining one of the restaurant’s menu we were approached by the owner who was very cordial and welcomed us into his restaurant. […]

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Listening – Some People Just Don't Get It!

I think one of the most valued aspects in selling is the ability to Listen.  How many times have you witnessed a sales person talk themselves out of a sale?  Unfortunately, I have seen this far too many times and, frankly, has become a pet peeve of mine. Being a good listener also applies when you […]

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Cold Calling: The do’s and don’ts

The backbone of any sports franchise is season ticket sales. With 79 days left before Opening Day of Major League Baseball, most teams have a multitude of interns occupying cubicles making cold call after cold call to prospective ticket buyers-either corporate or individual, wrappping up their pre-season ticket sales. This is usually the first job […]

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Our Firm

Our firm The Burris Group LLC, founded by veteran sales and marketing executive Bob Burris, is a resource development and sales consulting firm, which specializes in working with businesses, individuals, non profits, professional and amateur sports teams and college and high school athletic programs.

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