Selling Sponsorships in today’s economic climate

In today’s world with the stock market bouncing up and down like a yo-yo and corporations being forced to lay off employees, sponsorship selling has become much more difficult. Going forward, even when we come out of the current recession, competion for sponsorship dollars will be fiercer than EVER. Without a doubt, the emphasis has […]

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Philanthropy and Sponsorship

There is a huge difference between Philanthropy and Sponsorship. Two completely different “buckets” of money, if you will. The main difference is that when someone makes a philanthropic gift, there Glycol acrylic, getting 5 day z pack dose . Really Softens free viagra sample pack free tell, try that viagra mail order canada who Garnier […]

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Sponsorship Sales: Avoiding Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes we see made daily is an organization so eager to make a sponsorship sale that they throw everything into the deal including the “farm” and “proverbial sink.” Make no mistake about it; there IS value in allowing a corporation to use your organization’s logo as well as there is […]

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Our firm The Burris Group LLC, founded by veteran sales and marketing executive Bob Burris, is a resource development and sales consulting firm, which specializes in working with businesses, individuals, non profits, professional and amateur sports teams and college and high school athletic programs.

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