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What The Burris Group is All About

The Burris Group is in the business of Revenue Generation. We help our clients identify their Assets; Develop Winning Proposals and Sell mutually benefiting agreements that provide REAL Value for both parties. We work with Non-Profits, Associations, Colleges, High Schools, Professional Sports Teams and For-Profit entities.

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More and more websites and blogs are turning to Bob Burris for expert opinion on managing the sponsorship marketing process.

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The Burris Group LLC was founded in 2006 by veteran sports and entertainment sales and marketing executive Bob Burris and Denver businessman Terry Stevinson with the primary goal being to provide expert advice to those seeking corporate sponsorship and to building strategic alliances/partners. We’re all about helping others generate revenue through sponsorship and non-dues revenue opportunities. The Burris Group has evolved into a multi-faceted organization providing a wide range of services:
  • Sponsorship Asset Identification and Pricing Audit
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Sponsorship Package Evaluation
  • Sponsorship Sales Training
  • Sponsorship Summit
  • We specialize in working with associations, non-profits, government, media, college and high school athletics programs, professional sports teams – and any other sponsorship seekers.

    If you would like to explore working with The Burris Group, just drop us a line: bob@theburrisgroupllc.com or call us at 816.729.1123.

    Please note: The Burris Group is not a brokerage and does not sell sponsorships for clients, but would be happy to refer you to our friends who do.

    Our overriding goal is to know more about our clients than they know about themselves. Additionally we want to be thought of as a teammate who shares your commitment to raising additional funds and furthering your mission. We’ve been on both sides of the business table. We understand the value and impact of revenue generation and sponsorship from both the property seeking sponsors and the corporations who want to maximize the benefits of association with events and organizations to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

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    Bob Burris

    Chief Executive (The Burris Group LLC)

    With over 35 years of experience in the sports, entertainment, non-profit and association worlds, Bob Burris has focused his efforts on teaching clients proven successful sales, marketing and promotional strategies & techniques. These tactics have enabled athletic departments, associations, non-profits and professional sports teams to increase revenues and maximize sponsorship opportunities as well as overall operations.

    Terry Stevinson

    Founding Partner (The Burris Group LLC)

    Terry is a founding partner in The Burris Group of Overland Park, KS. Stevinson is a shareholder of Stevinson Group, Inc. (SGI). SGI owns and operates several automotive franchises and numerous real estate holdings within the greater Denver metro area. He has also served on the board of eight non-profits and more than forty for-profit companies. Additionally, he has served as a consultant to both for presidential, congressional and gubernatorial candidates.